Healthy habits

The Importance of sleep

Sleep is as important as eating, drinking, and breathing air but is often overlooked when compared to our other physiological needs. Lack of sleep can be compared to being overserved and roughly 70 million Americans have reported a chronic sleep disorder. Additionally, a child who receives less than 12 hours of sleep per night is almost 2X as likely to become obese than those children who receive sufficient sleep needed.

When a child might not be receiving the adequate nutrition needed, parents will do whatever it takes to get their baby the nourishment needed to help their babies develop and grow; and this is how we should be viewing sleep.

Why are we so able to dismiss a child’s sleep habits as simply a “bad sleeper”? I believe there is no such thing, but instead parents who have not received the impactful education needed to make this a real transformation. With a warm heart and a guiding hand, I can give parents the tools they need to assist their child to develop wonderful sleep hygiene


Simple & Effective

My approach to this achievement is simple.

I will listen to your needs and provide information about the importance of sleep.

I will provide a step by step plan created in partnership with your family’s unique style and needs.

I will provide honest advice and celebrate each win with you throughout our journey together!


The Crying Question...

The most popular question many parents ask is “Will my child cry?”

Crying is a universal language for children. It is used to express many emotions like hunger, sadness, anger, fear, and even overtiredness just to name a few. When a new routine is presented, protesting (or crying) is inevitable. Therefore, will your child protest this new sleep routine and change? Absolutely! Imagine if you were being asked to not only change a lifelong routine of yours but also in a different language — you too would be objecting!

Thankfully, the protesting is short-lived and what will be gained from your child learning new sleep habits is worth the long haul.

Please know that I will never ask a parent to ignore their child’s crying or ask a parent to leave a child for extended periods of time. Instead, I will offer gentler and soothing methods to aid in building a stronger and more secure attachment.