Sleep Coaching

And attachment theory

My Philosophy on sleep coaching is centered around my education in Family Psychotherapy. One of the first important educational pieces we learn is about our hierarchy of needs. At base level they include our physiological needs which includes sleep. If one of those needs are not met, in this case sleep, we are unable to advance to the next level which is our safety. 

Attachment theory assumes babies have an innate desire to form emotional and physical attachments, or love, to another person (usually the primary caregiver). Attachment theory further explains that this can be created with a secure base and a safe haven.

So, how do these two ideas coexist? There are many, many methods of sleep training and the sleep training methods used by Little Wonderland Sleep Solution allow the opportunity for parents to provide a secure base and a safe haven thus resulting in the ability to foster an already secured attachment.


empathetic & Effective

My approach to sleep coaching is simple.

I will listen and understand your sleep challenges with a nonjudgmental ear and an open heart.

I will support your family style and ensure your bond with your child remains intact.

I will encourage and celebrate each win with you throughout our journey together and beyond.